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Family apartment

Customers - a married couple with a teenager and a dog. Our team has created a beautiful, modern interior, in which each member of the family has its own cozy corner.
Objectives of the project
After discussing all the details, we made the tasks that customers set for us as part of their interior:

  1. Combine the kitchen and living room in order to spend most of the time in the same room with the family and entertain guests.
  2. Think over storage places that would save usable space.
  3. Choose such shades that will not become boring and will be visually stylish out of time.
The main space around which the rest of the premises were developed, of course, was the kitchen-dinner. There is a spacious sofa in the center of the living room, which overlooks the entrance to the bedroom and nursery. The door to the bathroom was placed in the hallway for a more aesthetic perception of space.
The main task was zoning and planning in the apartment. Zoning with such dimensions is very important, since it was necessary to come up with ways to maximize the use of all available space, while leaving, if possible, as much free space as possible.
The result of this work was a cozy, functional and beautiful apartment, where the family will spend time with pleasure, since the apartment has a competent layout of each space. The work of our team is a guarantee of success in creating a stylish interior for your apartment.
Working group
Designer - Andrey Glushchenko
Architect - Natalia Kulbashnaya
3D rendering - Irina Zolotoruchko