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House in a pine forest

This project is special for us, because we wanted to create an atmosphere of country comfort for customers, as well as emphasize its location. The project is dominated by a large number of windows, the competent use of space and materials, which give the premises special, sophisticated and memorable features.
Objectives of the project
Based on the characteristics and agreed wishes of customers, we had the following goals:

1. Combine the kitchen and living room in order to spend most of the time in one room and entertain guests, with a beautiful view of the pine forest.
2. Design a master bedroom, where there is a whole system of rooms with its own bathroom and dressing room.
3. Make a small nursery with a work area and a play area, where there will be all the necessary conditions for a comfortable stay for the child.
The design had various edits and additions, which made our project more complete and concise. The final layout was based on the kitchen, combined with a lounge area with a second light. There are general premises and a guest bedroom on the first floor, while the master bedroom and children's bedroom are on the second floor. It was also decided to implement the passage zone of the corridor and embody the idea of a green corner under the cantilever staircase.
We have created a design project in such a way that it is part of nature. We added a green corner, not only on the first floor, but also placed greenery on a flat roof. Also, we did not miss the opportunity to make the space bright with the help of large windows, and the terrace on the roof of the house allows you to fully enjoy the silence and the atmosphere of the surrounding nature.
In this project, we relied on lighting and design of the stairs by designing cantilevered steps with glass railings, with the help of which we achieved the lightness of the space.
First floor
Second floor
Roof terrace
In this project, we managed to embody all the wishes of customers, creating a sophisticated and stylish design of the entire space. The main task of this project was to think over the comfort for each family member, which was implemented at the facility. We organically fit the house into the environment with the help of greenery, which was placed on the terrace.
Working group
Designer - Andrey Glushchenko
Architect - Natalia Kulbashnaya
3D rendering - Marina Statilko