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Realizable interior design for people

Hello dear friends!
I am glad to welcome you to our website.
We are engaged in the development of non-standard solutions in the field of interior design, as well as their implementation.

People often think that developing a design project is an easy task, but they are seriously mistaken. Interior design requires painstaking work and creativity.
So why is it better to use the services of an interior design studio?
- Ability to see the future interior and make changes even before the start of renovation work. When ordering the services of a design studio, you receive a full-fledged project in which there will be visualizations of all rooms, working documentation with all the necessary plans and schematics, as well as articles of equipment and devices used in projects. And of course, all work will be carried out in accordance with the project.
- Cost savings. As paradoxical as it may seem, but it is! A well-executed design project at the development stage will allow you to rationally distribute costs for all the necessary work. We all know that "time is money" and if you plan on your own, you will spend much more time and, probably, make mistakes. In addition, you should remember that all adjustments during the repair process will incur additional financial costs.
- Functionality and ergonomics, because in addition to the finished visual image, the interior design project also takes into account many technical aspects that a person who is faced with a renovation for the first time often does not know. For example, competent redevelopment and zoning, power supply and lighting systems, ventilation and air conditioning schemes. Accounting and proper planning of these factors makes the repair the most effective, and the operation of the premises as comfortable as possible.
Our approach is usually based on the following principle: there are many fashion trends and they do not last forever, and instead of following them, we try to awaken their own sense of style in our customers.
An approach
For the possibility of the technical implementation of our ideas, we consult with construction experts and consultants. Any good, but unrealizable in the construction performance, idea should not get into the project, otherwise it will lead to risks of crossing the line of budget, delaying deadlines, reworking projects and other problems related to apartment renovation.

The design project contains the necessary specifications, sweeps, technical units, "pies" and descriptions of design solutions. All this is included in the project in order to minimize the risk of client overpayments due to the implementation of unrealizable design solutions.
We are not artists. We use artistic methods of visualization of thinking and process, but, unlike artists, we do not represent our view of the world, but we solve the task based on building codes and regulations.
A good project is the result of the work of a whole team.
Anna Sakhaudinova
Marina Statilko
Designer, 3D visualizer
Anastasia Korolenko
3D visualizer
Andrey Levchenko
Andrey Glushchenko
Designer, founder
Natalia Kulbashnaya
Elena Zarubina
Andrey Vasylkiv
Designer, 3D visualizer