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Apartment for a young family

An apartment with an area of 130m² is located in a modern residential complex in Zhytomyr. In the master bedroom, panoramic windows give comfort, due to good insolation, and the planning solution made it possible to illuminate the dressing room with natural light. The main areas, such as the Kitchen-dinner room and the living room, are separated by an arch, but it does not interfere with the feeling of the space as a single one. The nursery was also made non-standard - with a mini-play area on the loggia, and in the room a wall was organized for rock climbing.
Objectives of the project
The customers of the project - a young married couple with a small child, wanted to get a cosy, stylish, modern apartment, taking into account the needs and hobbies of each resident:

1. Develop an interior design that combines natural materials and modern elements that will create comfort and cosiness, but at the same time so that each room is safe for the child.
2. Try to combine the kitchen and living room as much as possible in order to spend most of the time in the same room.
3. Design the master bedroom as a separate world with a bed and a wardrobe and a bathroom.
4. Provide a separate room for a dressing room and a laundry room.
Initially, measurements were taken in a room with practically no partitions, except for one bathroom and kitchen. This made it possible to immediately discuss on the spot with the customer all possible layouts, being on site and presenting each of the zones.
The main dilemma of the customer was the location of the kitchen-dinner room, in the end they settled on a more practical option.
The starting point of the concept is minimalism with a natural theme, using a large amount of wood, interior in warm colors. It was also important to make the space practical, since the apartment is intended for permanent residence of a family with a small child, and of course, cosy, where one would like to return. We needed to fit into the customer's budget, so we carefully selected items in terms of value for money.
Master bedroom
Master bathroom
Children’s room
Bathroom and dressing room
Kitchen-dinner room and living room with a hallway
We have developed an interior design that combines natural materials and modern elements that have created comfort and cosiness. Each room was made in light colors, a large amount of wood was used, which created a truly homely atmosphere. All possible scenarios for the use of space by residents have been thought out.
Working group
Designer - Andrey Glushchenko
Architect - Natalia Kulbashnaya
3D rendering - Anastasia Korolenko