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Private house in Island

The house is located in the elite area of Reykjavik - the capital of Iceland. The terrace offers beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean. The house has a historical value, but since the interior is very dated, the only thing we have left is the staircase, which is handmade.
Objectives of the project
The owners of the house are a married couple with good taste and a desire for modern design. This formed the tasks that they set for us within the framework of their interior:

1. Develop an interior design in a modern style that combines natural materials and elements that will create comfort and cosiness.
2. Since there are many children in the family, it was necessary to provide a bedroom for everyone.
3. Make the second floor a personal space, but add a small seating area.
4. Make the most of the space and provide a lot of storage space.
The layout of the first floor was done with minimal structural changes, since all partitions were made of concrete. The second floor has already received more changes since there was a fire, which made it possible to install new partitions for all rooms.
The basic concept was based on how to use every centimeter of space as efficiently as possible. According to the color scheme, the living area was executed in light shades and using wood, in contrast to the second floor, where darker colors prevail.
Master bedroom
Children's room for boy
Children's room for girl
A common space was worked out in the project to make it comfortable for both residents and guests. The second floor was thought out as comfortable as possible for the needs of each of the residents. They did not forget about the recreation area on the second floor and left a connecting link, between the floors - a handmade staircase.
Working group
Designer - Andrey Glushchenko
Architect - Natalia Kulbashnaya
3D visualization - Anastasia Tolochnaya