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Modern private house

The house is designed in a modern style and is thought out to the last detail. There is a fireplace, a woodshed near the entrance to the garage, a pool on the terrace with overflow and a barbecue in the front yard. A bath-house and chaise lounges
are made at the backyard. Solar panels were installed on the roof of the house, and the management of lighting, air conditioning and ventilation was entrusted to the "smart home" system. The main ideas of the interior are pastel shades combined with natural materials, large areas of glazing on the floors provide a connection with the exterior. In addition, our task was to develop a design that would reflect the nature and wishes of customers. We created a space where you really want to return.
Objectives of the project
In the process of preliminary discussions, there was a large number of wishes that need to be followed during the development of both the exterior and the interior, the main points can be identified as following:

1. Make a unique, but at the same time discreet facade;
2. Think over the zoning of the premises to be comfortable, but without losing the feeling of a large space;
3. Think over a terrace with a pool and barbecue;
4. In addition to the house, to place a pool, a fireplace, a barbecue and a bath-house on the site.
The main feature of the planning solution is 2 towers, which we combined on the second floor with a fireplace room and a terrace. We thought over 2 scenarios for the entrance of the house - through the front staircase and through the basement (through the garage), since this is a private house and the owners will most often use it. The first floor is a completely common space, consisting of a kitchen, a dining room and a large living room and lounge area for relaxation, in addition to this, there is also a bathroom, a laundry room and a spacious dressing room. The second floor is divided into 2 towers, one of which is the personal space of the owners of the house, where the bedroom, a spacious bathroom and dressing room are located, the second is a gym, a playroom and a guest bedroom with its own bathroom.

The main idea in designing the exterior was minimalism and a large amount of glazing. If we considered the main nodes in details: then the basement hides a pool with an overflow, and there is greenery with illumination in the foreground, near the overflow there is a firewood shed under a canopy and an entrance to the garage, and the front staircase with illumination completes the composition. The first floor from the facade hides a canopy in the form of a second floor, and a brazier is located on the left. The second floor is completely made in panoramic glazing. The front yard consists of a lawn and a fireplace, and there is a bathhouse in the back yard, according to the design of the house.
Façade and adjacent territory
Bath interior
First floor interior
Left wing interior
Right wing interior
Thanks to the competent zoning of the site, it was possible to arrange everything necessary for a rich country life: a fireplace area, a bath-house, a barbecue, a swimming pool, a kennel, a terrace with sun loungers and a jacuzzi. The house will become not only an excellent family nest, but also a highlight in this village. Its facade will not leave guests indifferent, and large windows will provide good insolation of the premises.
Working group
Designer - Andrey Glushchenko
Architect - Natalia Kulbashnaya
3D visualization - Andrey Vasylkiv
3D rendering - Marina Statilko