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Football player's apartment

The apartment, with an area of 54sqm, is located on the 9th floor in the Savannah City residential complex overlooking the forest and the field. The competent organization of the space and the selection of materials made the apartment a comfortable space for two people to live.
Objectives of the project
The owner of the apartment set three main tasks for us:
1. Make a custom apartment in a modern style;
2. Use as much wood and light shades as possible;
3. Visually expand the living space without going into the concept of a studio apartment.
The geometry of the apartment is a long rectangle, which made it impossible to illuminate the entire apartment with light from the window, according to the developer's plan. We changed the space so that it was bright even at the farthest point of the apartment, from the window. Each space is thought out in the most ergonomic and practical way. One of the features of the concept: the implementation of a glass interior partition, light walls and natural materials.
Within the framework of the given concept, various layouts were developed, the general ideas of which we combined into the main working version. The final layout includes a small kitchen combined with a living room, as well as a solution with a walk-through dressing room. In such an interior, a glass partition will allow the sun to illuminate the living room located at the back of the apartment.
The basic concept was based on the principle of using non-standard solutions in every room, for better illumination in every corner of the apartment. The main area is the kitchen-dinner room, which it was important for us to make spacious and practical, since the area of the apartment is quite small. We have positioned a kitchen island that zones the room without the help of walls or partitions. The balcony was glazed and a lounge area was made where it is pleasant to drink coffee in the morning and enjoy a glass of wine in the evening.
Kitchen-living room
Lounge area and hallway
With the help of the developed concept, we managed to completely transform the apartment from the developer, with a standard planning solution, creating cosiness and practicality. Light walls added light, a concrete ceiling gave a zest, and wood created comfort in this apartment.
Working group
Designer - Andrey Glushchenko
Architect - Natalia Kulbashnaya
3D visualization - Alexandra Fadeeva