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Private house in Uzhhorod

Customers contacted us with only the dimensions of the site. We developed the layout of a 300m² house, planted it on the site and made a facade. After the landscape project, we began to develop the interior, which we managed to make unique and memorable, due to a similar vision with the customers.
Objectives of the project
In the process of preliminary discussions, there were a large number of wishes that must be adhered to during the development of both the exterior and the interior, the main points are the following:

1. Make a unique facade, but at the same time discreet;
2. Develop a layout in such a way that the personal area is maximally separated from the rest of the space;
3. Make high ceilings, think over the exit to the terrace from the kitchen and living room;
4. In addition to the house, place a pool and a gazebo in a small area.
Since the height of the ceilings allowed us to do something unusual - it was decided to make a large rock on the ground floor in the living room area, which is an accent in the interior, and divide the rest of the space into 2 parts along the height of the walls and leave the top white, highlighting it. On the second floor, 4 bedrooms and an office were located, thus dividing the space into 2 floors, leaving all the other necessary premises on the first floor. And on the site, in addition to the customer's requirements, it also turned out to be a playground.
Customers asked not to set up a private area, so we will only tell you about the first floor: at the entrance to the house you are greeted by a large living room, and right next to the entrance is the entrance to the dressing room, which goes into the technical room and the boiler room, and closes this chain with the room for the hostess. On either side of the stone wall, there is access to the pantry and gym. Opposite the front door there is an exit to the terrace, on the left near the windows there is a passage to the kitchen-dinner room, from which it is also possible to exit to the terrace with a dining area.

The main idea in the design of the exterior and interior was minimalism, the use of natural materials and the maximum space of the room. At the entrance to the house, sakura grows, for which a special corner is allocated, and every day it meets the owners and sets a special mood. The courtyard has a swimming pool, the first with a fireplace, a covered dining area and a playground, the rest of the space is lawn. A composition with red maple was made near the dining area.
Facade and adjacent territory
Common space interior
The house will become not only an excellent family nest, but also a highlight in Uzhgorod. Its facade using wood and metal will definitely not leave anyone from passers-by indifferent, and large windows will provide good insolation of the premises. And those who are lucky enough to get inside are likely to immediately post a photo on Instagram against the background of the phytozone in a hanging chair or against the background of a stone wall, or from the kitchen-dinner room, and so on.

Working group
Designer - Andrey Glushchenko
Architect - Natalia Kulbashnaya
3D visualization - Andrey Vasylkiv