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Art apartment

The 52m² apartment is located on the 9th floor in the Central Park residential complex with a good view of the city streets. A large number of windows, a competent use of space and materials, give the rooms special, logical and memorable features.
Objectives of the project
The owner of the apartment has set three main tasks for us:
1. Make a non-standard apartment, in a modern style, for a young couple;
2. Delineate the purpose of different premises, separating them from each other;
3. Visually expand the living space without going into the concept of a studio apartment.
The apartment is a corner part of the house with large panoramic windows, but a long corridor in the hallway, and at the entrance, opposite the wardrobes, they made a large illuminated mirror, thus expanding the space. The entrance to the bathroom was organized from the corridor, the kitchen-dinner space was combined, thus obtaining the main pastime area of the residents. The bedroom area was separated into a separate room with its own wardrobe and phytozone.
Within the framework of the given concept, various layouts were developed, the general ideas of which we combined into the main working version. The final layout was based on a small kitchen combined with a living room, as well as a solution with a dressing room that goes into the kitchen.

The basic concept was based on the principle of using non-standard solutions in each room to create an insta zone in any corner of the apartment. The main room is the kitchen-dinner room, in which it was important for us to use a bright dominant - illuminated stone veneer and a wall of stabilized moss. There was no dining table planned in the apartment, so we placed a large kitchen island that zoned a large room without the help of walls or partitions.
Kitchen-living room
With the help of the developed concept, we managed to completely transform the rooms and their various living purposes. Huge mirror in the entrance hall with RGB lighting, shower room and kitchen with illuminated stone veneer, stabilized moss wall, projector in the living room and bedside conservatory with illuminated ceiling. The basic and decorative materials used in the work set the general modern tone.
Working group
Designer - Andrey Glushchenko
Architect - Alexandra Fadeeva
Photographer - Anton Cretsky