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Cosy apartment

The apartment in the Central Park residential complex was developed for long-term lease. We made a studio apartment from one-room apartment with an area of 53m². They used wear-resistant materials, but they did not forget about naturalness, so the walls and the kitchen are made of veneer, and the walls behind the TV and the headboard are made of slate. The bedroom with a bathroom is separated by a glass sliding partition, which clearly separates the common space from the personal, and in the kitchen the wall is decorated with stabilized moss.

Objectives of the project
1. Make the living room area as spacious as possible by combining it with the dining group and the kitchen.
2. Stylish interior solution - concrete ceiling in the living room area, wood wall decoration, warm lighting, natural stone and moss. This is all modern style, made in dark shades, but with accents.
3. Proceeding from the fact that the apartment was designed for rent, provided the most comfortable zoning and layout for the average person, with a large number of storage spaces that take up a minimum of space.
A wardrobe for outerwear and shoes was placed in a small hallway, which is also a decorative highlight in the Kitchen-dinner room area. Since the entrance hall, kitchen, dining room and living room are a single space, we made the zoning using the ceiling, leaving it concrete. A continuation of the cabinet with a glass facade is a glass partition that separates the bedroom, dressing room and bathroom from the common space.
The main concept was built for one person or a couple who spends most of their time outside the home. But he will gladly return after a hard day to a calm apartment, muted from saturated shades and enjoy lighting, soft high-quality furniture, wood and stone texture. And in the morning you will not want to leave this space, because the environment asks you to stay and lie for a few more minutes.
Kitchen-dinner room and hallway area
Bedroom with dressing room
We have tried to make everyone who does not live in this apartment feel as comfortable as possible. We took into account all the features of the average person and created a cosy space in dark colors, but with a large number of lighting scenarios. When designing a space, we are always interested in the principles of biophilic design in order to create a connection with materials and the environment, as well as the person and his home.
Working group
Designer - Andrey Glushchenko
Architect - Aleksandra Fadeeva
Photographer - Anton Cretsky