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Apartment in the center of Kyiv

Apartments with an area of 102m² are located in the very center of Kyiv city, in the CHICAGO CENTRAL HOUSE overlooking the Olympic NSC and a good view of the city streets. A large number of windows, a competent use of space and materials, give the rooms special, logical and remarkable features.
Objectives of the project
The owners of the apartment are a young couple with good taste and a craving for modern technology. This formed the tasks that they set for us within the framework of their interior:

1. Develop an exclusive interior design in a modern style, combining natural materials and classic elements that will create comfort and cosiness.
2. Combine the kitchen and living room in order to spend most of the time in one room and receive guests, with a beautiful view from the windows.
3. Design the master bedroom as a separate world with a bed and a wardrobe and a bathroom.
4. And also make a small guest bedroom combined with a work area.
Since the option was considered without a guest bedroom, various layouts were developed, but in the end they settled on the most practical, in our opinion and the opinion of the customer. The final layout was based on a small kitchen combined with a living room, as well as a solution with a corridor passage area, where we created an art space. A third of the area of the apartment was taken to the owners' personal space, and the guest bedroom was made with a cool view of the Olympic. In these apartments, each room has its own flavor.
The basic concept was based on the principle of using non-standard solutions in every room to create quality space in every corner of the apartment. The main room is the kitchen-dinner, in which it was important for us to preserve a beautiful panoramic view from the window without covering it with furniture, and to work out all possible scenarios for using this room.
Kitchen-living room
Master bedroom
Dressing room and master bathroom
Guest bedroom
Bathroom and other angles
We have used every inch of space as efficiently as possible and have created an unforgettable atmosphere with the latest technological trends in the world of interiors. A large number of units have been developed, the design of each room is equipped with an emphasis on comfort. All possible scenarios for the use of space by the owners have been thought out.
Working group
Designer - Andrey Glushchenko
Architect - Natalia Kulbashnaya
3D visualization - Andrey Vasylkiv