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Bachelor’s apartment

The object is located in the residential complex Galaktika initially with the usual layout of one-room apartments with an area of 46.6 m² - it meets a small corridor, a separate kitchen and a room, a bathroom and a loggia. It is morally forbidden to leave such zoning in modern life, since it is more pleasant for a person to be in rooms from an open area with a larger square. As a result, it turned out to make 3 rooms and a large corridor. 

Objectives of the project 
The owner of the apartment is a young customer with good modern taste. It was necessary to develop an interior design in modern minimalism, but at the same time create a cosy atmosphere.
Initially, the apartment had 2 main rooms, each of which felt cramped. Therefore, all the options for the planning solution that we developed at once were with a combined kitchen-dinner room and without a partition in the hallway. The bedroom and the bathroom remained behind the doors, and in the final version of the layout they settled on a sliding system, which, if desired, could separate the living room area from the rest of the space.
Calm shades, natural materials, a non-standard corner of the Kitchen-dinner room area. The small living room had enough space for an art object and a TV with a pull-out sofa. A cosy atmosphere was created in the bedroom with wooden wall panels. But the bathroom was made as a mini living room. 
Common space of the apartment
We thought over the design of every centimeter of the space and created an unforgettable atmosphere. But there were budget constraints that we practically fit into. All materials used were carefully selected together with the owner of the apartment. The color scheme helped to maintain the calm atmosphere of the space, and the functional zoning of the apartment was based on the needs and lifestyle of the customer.
Working group
Designer - Andrey Glushchenko
Architect - Natalia Kulbashnaya
3D rendering - Tolochnaya Anastasia