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Small private house

House with an area of 107sqm is located near Kyiv, close to a pine forest. The interior project is made in a minimalist style and in restrained colors. The house has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a kitchen-living room with access to the terrace. The main requirement from the customer was practicality and we coped with this task!
Objectives of the project
The main requirement from the customers was to think over the kitchen-living room, so that it would be comfortable to spend most of the time in the house. As for the shades, they asked to make the most neutral-ash colors, with the exception of the bathrooms. And one of the important requirements was: to expand the bathroom in the master bedroom and make a workplace in the guest bedroom.
Since the load-bearing walls of the house were holding us back in the global redevelopment, we thought over and worked out all possible options for planning solutions so that customers would be comfortable. In total, only 2 partitions were damaged, which significantly influenced the final result, of course for the better.
In this situation, they influenced the planning decision almost only with the help of furniture and decorative wall decoration.
The main idea was to create an interior that is minimalistic, has soothing shades, but at the same time, not boring and with accent elements. And if it seems to you that now it looks a little dark, then in the first versions, at the request of the customer, the walls were everywhere black, like in the guest bedroom. In this project, maximum attention was paid to the nodes of the ceiling, floor and all junctions - along all the walls we have a shadow seam, a flush-mounted plinth and there are other elements of minimalism, as well as a large amount of lighting.
Kitchen-living room
Master bedroom
Guest bedroom with bathroom
Children’s bedroom
In this project, we have created a practical, stylish and comfortable interior of a private house for a married couple. We have worked out in detail every room and all units. The flooring in the house is completely made of tiles with underfloor heating. Thought out a compact but roomy storage system. The basic and decorative materials used in the work set the general modern tone.
Working group
Designer - Andrey Glushchenko
Architect - Natalia Kulbashnaya
3D visualization - Andrey Vasylkiv